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Anson Behr products are scientifically formulated to offer superior nutritional support through the use of selected all natural ingredients to achieve pharmaceutical-grade quality for optimal health.
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GMP Registered and Certified
Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Facility

An Official Compliant facility certified by NSF lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of a product’s development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn the NSF certification.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are process, procedure and documentation guidelines for operating at an exceedingly careful and professional level. A GMP system ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards, minimizing the risks involved in dietary supplement production and handling that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product. NSF International’s GMP Registration Program enables companies to become registered as meeting GMP requirements through regular NSF independent auditing. Anson Behr Bioceuticals is proud to have all its products manufactured in a NSF GMP Registered facility.



Only the safest, highest quality tested raw materials are sourced from approved vendors. cGMP compliance is just the beginning. We are adhering to all pertinent FDA regulatory requirements for dietary supplements. You can rest assured; every step in our manufacturing operations are of unrivaled quality. Each process is performed by individuals with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our third party laboratory tests ingredients and finished materials using USP methodologies to ensure the products we manufacture will always meet label claim as well as all safety standards. Everything we manufacture comes with a finished product certificate of analysis (C. of A.) performed by an INDEPENDENT testing lab.

Our customers can always depend on our commitment to quality in all we do. Anson Behr Bioceuticals is confident in the products that carry this commitment from concept to reality.


Take a look at the supplement facts panel of your favorite products, and chances are you’ll see the term “proprietary blend.” By grouping ingredients into blends on the label, companies can declare the dosage of the blend and can keep secret the dosages of the individual ingredients. Companies do this pretending to protect their secret formula, but in reality, they do it to hide how little of the ingredients are actually in the product. This loophole in the FDA regulations results in underdosed and ineffective supplements. We never use proprietary blends. We’re proud of our formulas, and we disclose every ingredient along with its dosage.

  • Never using proprietary blends & guaranteeing full label disclosure
  • Banning all fillers, excipients & additives from our products
  • Guaranteeing full therapeutic dosages of every active ingredient
  • Manufacturing our own products so we could control every aspect of quality.

Purity is important, but if active ingredients are so under-dosed that the product is ineffective, purity becomes a moot point. Many brands add minute amounts of key ingredients just to make the label look good. In the industry, we call this “window dressing,” which describes products that look good on the outside but have nothing going on the inside. At Anson Behr, we use full therapeutic dosages of every active ingredient we put in our formula. We formulate based on effectiveness, not hype.


A supplement is only as effective as its underlying ingredients. That’s why we source the highest quality, most bioavailable, and clinically effective ingredients on the planet, regardless of their cost.

Building a quality pharmaceutical grade supply chain is tricky because many materials appear clean. But as you get closer, you find they’re not really clean.

A truly “clean” product begins with truly clean ingredients or raw materials. Here are some lessons we’ve learned on what it takes to build a raw material supply chain with only the best—and cleanest—raw materials:


Empowering people first guides us in all our steps. It means that product quality comes before our bank account size. Environmental impact matters because people come first—and people need clean drinking water and tree-filled forests. All of the laborers in our supply chain are treated ethically and paid fair wages—from the farm to the shelf. When a for-profit company keeps people first, it knows the difference between gain and greed, and product quality matters more than squeezing every last penny by cheapening ingredients.


Traceability is Key

We can’t emphasize enough much this matters, which is why it’s a key priority and our passion: knowing where each and every ingredient in our products comes from and getting to know each and every source—where it’s grown; the farming practices; how they pay and treat the farm workers—everything.

Developing a fully traceable raw material supply chain is a massive, complex undertaking. For example, take a multivitamin product. The carton says there are 25 or so vitamins and minerals, but that’s 25 different materials—each one requiring one, five or ten other ingredients to manufacture them.


Third Parties to Inspect

Non-GMO Project Verified: Today there’s only one way to ensure that our raw materials are not sourced from genetically modified (GM) sources—independent, third-party verification by the Non-GMO Project, North America’s only third-party verification for Non-GMO.

Every raw material sent to us for evaluation carries a statement from the supplier that it’s not GM or from GM sources. But, as we’ve said, each raw material has multiple subcomponents. We need full traceability through the entire ingredient and sub-ingredient supply chain to ensure that raw materials don’t contain GMOs.


Everything we do is driven by proven science.

Ingredient Sourcing

A supplement is only as effective as its underlying ingredients. That’s why we source the highest quality, most bioavailable, and clinically effective ingredients on the planet, regardless of their cost. You will feel the difference, guaranteed. TRUSTED PRODUCT – Rooted in Nature!

Anson Behr Bioceuticals
Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturing

The vast majority of supplement companies adhere to Food Grade Manufacturing protocols which comes with very little regulation. While not required in the supplement industry, we follow the more stringent manufacturing processes of the pharmaceutical industry.

Anson Behr Bioceuticals
Clinically Tested & Proven Ingredients

In every case we can, we use clinically tested and proven ingredients to ensure our products deliver the maximum health benefits possible. This means more expensive raw materials than generic and untested ingredients, but it’s worth the health benefits every time!

Anson Behr Bioceuticals
Raw Material Testing

We test every raw ingredient used in our products for contaminants, bacteria, metals, microbials, and more, in order to ensure that you’re getting the cleanest, safest ingredients and products possible. Shockingly, this also is not required in the supplement industry.


We have spent countless hours researching and validating our formulas, ingredient profiles and product line to ensure complete satisfaction.  We believe our products are at the highest tier and of the most competitive in the market.  With that being said, we are so confident about our statements that we offer a 100% money back guarantee to anyone who disagrees.  Whether this is your first time trying Anson Behr products or your one-hundredth time, you have the opportunity to return anything that does not meet your highest standards.

We carefully and methodically selected ingredients and dosages that have been studied and shown beneficial to support a healthy lifestyle.  While no dietary supplement can replace a solid training/nutrition plan, we created supplements that will without a doubt provide results.  Real results!  If you are not satisfied with your experience with Anson Behr Bioceuticals, return your products for 100% of your money back!

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